Financial Planning With A Reverse Mortgage


Retirement Planning Using
Home Equity


Many Ways The New Reverse Mortgage Can Be Used To Enhance Your Financial Security In Retirement


• Protect portfolio performance in a down market.

• Delay Social Security and pension payouts.

• Draw on tax-free funds to reduce tax liability.*

• Postpone drawing down retirement assets, giving assets more time to grow.

• Cover large unexpected expenses such as medical bills or home modifications.

• Finance a new residence through the HECM for Purchase product.

• Replace cash reserves.

• Loan proceeds are TAX-FREE, and the interest, when paid, may be tax deductible.*

• Establish a GROWING line of credit for future needs and opportunities


*consult your financial advisor or tax planner

“Reverse mortgages do have a place in mainstream retirement distribution planning, and have a significant impact on the probability that some clients will be able to meet their predetermined retirement goals.”*

--The Journal of Financial Planning, “Standby Reverse Mortgages: A Risk Management Tool for Retirement Distributions” by John Salter, Ph.D., CFP, AIFA; Shaun Pfeiffer; and Harold Evensky, CFP, AIF

*consult your financial advisor or tax planner



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